We collaborate with researchers from the following groups:
  • PV@Uppsala (Prof. P.A. Abdulla)¬†
  • MoVe@Liafa (Dr. A. Sangnier)
  • FMV@ULB (Prof. J.-F. Raskin)
  • SE@Freiburg (Prof. A. Podelski)
  • IMDEA Software (Dr. Pierre Ganty)
  • Complutense Madrid (F. Rosa-Velardo)
  • ESLAB@Linkopings (A. Rezine)
  • Focus@Universit√† di Bologna (G. Zavattaro)
  • GOADB@DIBRIS (G. Guerrini, A. Solimando)
  • Agents@DIBRIS (M. Martelli, V. Mascardi)
…and many others all around the world (from Taiwan to US) ! (See Publications)

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