Research Goals

Foundations, Algorithms and Applications of Infinite-state Systems.


Infinite-state and Parameterized Systems (Petri Nets, Extended Automata)
Constraint Solving applied to Verification (DMC and MSR(C))
Data Structures and Algorithms for Verification (CST and IST)
Well-structured Transition Systems and WQO/BQO theory
Reachability Problems (RP 2011@DISI)
Computation Models (P-systems, Bioambients, XML updates). 
Concurrent, Distributed and Mobile Programming (Pthreads, Concurrent Java, Android) 
(Linear) Logic Programming
Model Checking, Temporal Logic and Automata Theory (finite/infinite words)
Case studies: Consistency/Coherence Protocols, Mutex Algorithms, Models of Software

Professional Activity

Scientific commitee of MOVEP, FOSSACS, SPIN.


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